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No more nights without blankets for your pet!



☁️ Comfortable safe space for your pet ☁️

💜 Quells separation anxiety 💜

🧸 Keeps your pet comfy and warm 🧸

🧽 Easy to wash and clean 🧽

Give Your Feline Friend the Ultimate Comfort with Our Cat Plush Bed

Our cat plush bed is the ultimate comfort solution for your feline friend. The plush bed is designed to provide the perfect sleeping surface for your cat, ensuring that they have a peaceful and restful sleep every time they use it.


Help reduce anxiety 

The soft and cozy plush fabric provides warmth and comfort, creating a calming and relaxing environment that can help reduce your cat's anxiety levels. The plush bed also features a sturdy base that provides stability and support, allowing your cat to feel safe and secure while they sleep.

Fits In

Our wide range of sizes and colors make this the perfect fit for any home. There is a color for every house theme and a size for all breeds!



No need to worry about finding your pets bed in random place around the house. This bed has an anti-slip bottom ensuring it stays where it's placed.


Easy to Clean and Maintain

Our cat plush bed is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. The plush fabric is machine washable, which means that you can easily clean it without worrying about damaging the bed.


It's not only a bed. It's also a blanket. A cave. A home. Your lovely pet is sure to enjoy it and spend many great nights sleeping and many amazing days napping.

Warmth and Security

With its self-warming Cloth+Long Plush fabric and half-cave design, it provides warmth and a sense of security for your pet. Proven to help prevent anxiety and stress.


Q: Is the plush bed machine washable?

A: Yes it is completely safe to put into your washing machine & dryer

Q: Can the plush bed be used for outdoor cats or dogs?

A: Yes, the plush bed can be used for outdoor pets. The bed is made of durable materials that can withstand outdoor use, providing a comfortable and safe sleeping solution for your fur baby.

Q: Is the plush bed suitable for kittens & puppies?

A: Yes, the plush bed is suitable for kittens & puppies. The bed is available in different sizes, making it the ideal sleeping solution for cats of all ages and sizes.


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